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Another Dream...

I had a very very odd dream last night...perhaps those who read this setting can tell me a bit of what they think.
I found myself in a high school-like setting. I knew magics were practiced here, and I knew I was a practicioner, but I knew I wasn't there to learn. I'd already learned all these people could have.
Very much of this dream is based around violence. I was dead-set on finding another man like me in the school, and killing him. I did so - many times and many different ways. I knew he would keep coming back, so I had to keep coming up with new ways to end his life. Always close-combat, and always bladed. Wolverine Claws, Dai-Katanas, Daggers, all of 'em. I can still quite distinctly remember the blood everywhere. I don't even remember why it was so important to kill him - just that he had done - or will soon do, I'm not sure - something to me and my group of people. Had to do with crafting and creation of items - he was cooking something up, but I don't know what...I just had to stop him.

I still don't flinch when I think about all that blood and gore I dealt out. Should I be worried?

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