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First real entry into this community...

So I'm gonna just put all my little entries from my tweed book o' doom into this community, all at once, just so I can get those out of the way...

First entry
It goes without saying that there exists, in my little cadre of friends, a belief in the supernatural. Powers and lives beyond our own. A few of my friends claim to have seen other parts of their lives, the fantasy worlds that most believe exists only in their mind. I am under the impression, however, that no matter what, faith and belief will make truth on at least some level.

Second Entry
I've seen evidence, in some of the people I work with, that their power rests within them, showing itself once in a while, but never fully developing. I want to show them what they could do if they fully applied themselves, but I know I shouldn't. Forcing an "Awakening" on someone is almost as bad as those "Christians" who are really not very Christ-like in their speech or ways. So, let sleeping dragons lie. If they wish to learn, I will teach, but there will be no violation on my part.

Third Entry
Recently I've been experimenting with whatever power I possess, achieving a limited empathy/foresight, and something resembling an extremely limited control over weather patterns. I've noticed that the former occurs more regularly when I'm not actively attempting to achieve this state. Almost like I get a small hint of the words about to leave their mouth beforehand. Strange, but interesting.
Could it be possible that I'm reaching a level where I must keep my attention divided between passive and active abilities? I mean, for the sake of privacy, really. No one likes it when someone barges into their home unannounced, you certainly wouldn't want someone picking up stray thoughts without you knowing, right? Right.
I wonder if there is some sort of harmonious state for me to reach. I wonder if I will still be "here" if I reach it? Sort of like a buddhist nirvana thing. I would think that - being an elementalist - such a state could entail a perfect mastery of my abilities - or complete dissolution of self and Ego to become one with whatever power those abilities call upon.

Entry #4
Relatively speaking, I'm still getting a hang of this feeling - the feeling that I'm classified with a religious group that has no defined rules, really. I mean, with no set parameters of physical world "Do this, not that." how does one know how to properly be a "real" member of the religion? Most of it's self explanatory. "Be a good person. Do what you do in harm of none, defense of all, etc." If you're reading this and don't know that part of the general rules, time for you to go back to step one. I mean, let's think about things like this - Marriage. Polygamy - is it ok, or not ok? "Up to personal interperetation." I've even asked entire pagan chatrooms - we're talking filled with pagans, here. Some of 'em "Priestesses" and what have you. Not a clue. None of 'em knew. That would make it very difficult to have an "official" ceremony, I should think.

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